Month: September 2019

WAEC Standard for Physics Alternative to practical III.

A standard resistor of resistance 2 Ω is connected in the left gap of the metre bridge and a length l1 of wire W1 is connected across the right gap of the bridge as shown in the diagram above. The balance point B is determined by touching the metre wire with the jockey. The balance length

WAEC Standard for Physics Alternative to Practical II

A concave mirror is placed on the base of a retort stand and a pin, P, is held horizontally above the mirror as shown in the diagram above. The position of P is varied until its image in the mirror when viewed vertically downwards, coincides with it. The distance, d, between the image and the

WAEC Standard for Chemistry Alternative to Practical II

Outline how a 250 cm3 of 0.100 moldm-3 HCl could be prepared from 100 cm3 of a 2.00 moldm-3 stock solution. State the effect of aqueous solutions of each of the following salts on litmus paper:(i) CH3COONa;(ii) Al2(SO4)3;(iii) KNO3. (c) In a redox titration experiment, acidified potassium tetraoxomanganate (VII) [KMnO4] solution was titrated against Fe2+

WAEC Standard for Chemistry Alternative to Practical.

A is a simple salt. The following tests were carried out on A. complete the following table. (b)(i) Name the salt A.(ii) Write the formula of A. The following tests were carried out on a sample of an unsaturated alkanol K. Complete the following table. Observation Majority of the candidates responded to this question. In

Massive Recruitment at a Secondary School in Ogun State.

A Secondary School located within Sagamu – Ilisan Axis, Ogun State is in need of a dynamic, self motivated, goal driven individuals for the post of: VICE PRINCIPAL Admission Officer/Registrar Biology Teacher Chemistry Teacher English Teacher Government Teacher School Counsellor Applicants must have Minimum of B.Ed, B.Sc PDGE/M. Ed/TRCN are added advantage *Minimum of 2

Massive Recruitment at a School in Port Harcourt.

POSITIONS: *SUPERVISORS(PRI./NUR. Section) *PRIMARY TEACHERS *NURSERY TEACHERS *SENIOR/JUNIOR ENGLISH TEACHERS *SCIENCE/MATHEMATICS TEACHERS *SECURITY *JANITORS *CAREGIVERS Qualification: B. ED/ ND/ NCE/ SSCE with @ least 3 years of teaching/ working experience. Academic Positions Must be grounded in modern Teaching and British curriculum. School location@ Port Harcourt (Iwofe Area) Interested and qualified candidates should apply via: 08035476467