Beacongate Limited in need of Female Reading Instructor.

Location: Lagos

Job Description

  • Certified reading teachers are teachers who are specialists in reading and literacy. They may work with young students at the elementary level, introducing them to the basics of reading, or with high school students, encouraging them to read more advanced works.
  • They may work with students with learning disabilities related to reading. To teach in public school, licensure and a bachelor’s degree are required.


  • Teach the basics of reading and literacy awareness to young children, ranging from the proper way to hold a book to alphabet identification and correct word pronunciation.
  • Encourage students to reach higher reading levels by helping them improve vocabulary, spelling and summary techniques.
  • Help set up library in schools
  • Help students read fluently, comprehend what they are reading and train them in phonetics, spelling, grammar and vocabulary memorization.
  • Select programs and lessons appropriate for students’ instructional levels
  • Give corrective feedback and design lessons based on students’ needs, including their phonological and orthographic development
  • Teach phonological and letter identification skills explicitly, sequentially, and systematically
  • Link phonological skill development to reading, writing, and meaningful use of language
  • Use repeated readings, alternate and choral reading, and self-timing strategies to provide practice
  • Identify reading materials for students’ independent reading levels
  • Promote daily reading of varied text, in school and outside of school
  • Create frequent opportunities for writing meaningful assignments beyond journal writing
  • Directly teach handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar in systematic increments to promote automatic transcription skills
  • Guide children through the stages of the writing process; publish and display children’s completed work
  • Teach decoding skills explicitly, sequentially, and systematically: sound-symbol association; sound-by-sound blending; reading onsets, rimes, syllables, morphemes; sight word recognition

Required Education

  • HND or B.Sc qualification
  • Previous work experience as a reading instructor (Min 2-3 years)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
  • Computer Literate
  • Outgoing and smart
  • Single and a Female.

N55,000.00 – N60,000.00 /month.

Method of Application

Applicants should send their Applications to: