Expert Rating and Undergraduate Students Attitude towards Developed Interactive Multimedia Instructional Package on Selected Educational Technology Concepts in Kwara State.


Instructional technology which is the use of different techniques and methods of passing instruction had undergone different evolutional changes overtime. Among recent development is the imploration of interactive multimedia tools, and techniques to enhance instructional delivery to learners. Disparities in learning abilities among learners necessitated the need to develop a complementary individualized instructional multimedia package that could assist learners to concretize knowledge. This study explored design and development of interactive multimedia instructional package (IMIP) on selected concepts in educational technology for undergraduates in Kwara State, Nigeria. Specifically; it was developed to teach selected educational technology concepts in modules, determined experts’ rating of IMIP on the selected concepts and, determined students’ attitude towards the effectiveness of the package. The study was a design and development research type. Three research instruments were used to elicit responses from participants. A total of 30, 300-level undergraduates and 10 experts selected through purposive sampling technique participated in the study. Reliability test on the instrument using Croubach’s alpha was 0.76. The data collected were analysed using grand mean. The findings revealed among others that: experts rated IMIP high for instructional delivery with grand mean of 3.61 > benchmark mean score of 2.50; while undergraduate students considered it to be highly effective as a learning tool, with grand mean of 3.44. It is therefore recommended that: instructional models should be used to guide the design and development of instructional packages; and students should make use of instructional packages to enhance their learning.