NIIT in need of Software Instructor/Faculty.

Location: Lagos.


Job Responsibilities:

The instructor is responsible for the coordination, planning, preparation, presentation, and evaluation of classroom instruction and related activities.  The instructor is responsible for performing assigned duties during the day, evening, or weekend in the Centre as assigned.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:

At a minimum, the essential functions of the instructor are:

  • to coordinate, plan, organize, and instruct courses in the day, evening, or on weekends in the Center
  • to keep active at a high level of expertise in the subjects taught and stimulate enthusiasm for those subjects;
  • to ensure that each program/class contains essential curricular components, has appropriate content and pedagogy, and maintains currency
  • to recommend textbooks and other instructional materials including classroom and laboratory equipment to Centre Academic Head
  • to keep students informed about their progress through the prompt grading of papers and other work;
  • to maintain accurate and complete scholastic records, including attendance records
  • to submit failure to report, early warning, notification of unofficial withdrawal, and other documentation when appropriate
  • to conduct class evaluations and complete other center evaluations in accordance with school policy;
  • to ensure that assigned classes are held as scheduled
  • to make suggestions to the center academic head concerning the improvement of the curriculum in keeping with the objectives of the center
  • to participate in program and curriculum review and development and student learning outcomes initiatives
  • to organize each course taught into an effective instrument of learning
  • to study and utilize students’ learning styles in each class in order to facilitate the best teaching and learning situations
  • to incorporate instructional technologies in instructional delivery;
  • to keep informed of current trends and new approaches to instruction via professional development activities

Job Requirements;

  • Minimum of BSc in computer Science, computer information technology or related fields
  • Minimum of one to two year experience in similar fields
  • Must possess strong knowledge of HTML , Java , Javascript , CSS, Net is an added advantage
  • Must possess strong enthusiasm for sharing Knowledge
  • Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Exhibit emotional control and stability
  • Must possess excellent organizational and interpersonal relationship skills
  • Positive attitude with great customer service skill