Pre-service Teachers’ awareness of the Use of Social Media for Learning in Kwara State, Nigeria.


This study investigated the awareness and use of social media by students in College of Education (COE) Ilorin, Kware state. Nigeria. The study was w descriptive research of the survey type. 200 students from the institutions responded to the questionnaire designed to elicit responses regarding the purpose of the study. Frequency count, percentage and t-test were used to analyze the data. The result indicated that colleges of education students were aware of and use social media for learning. Also colleges of education students interact with and assimilated faster when using Social Media and this influences colleges of education students learning style. There was no significant differences in the awareness of colleges of education students based on gender and also, gender does not influence colleges of education students’ use of social media. The study concluded that COE students in Ilorin have ample awareness about the use of social media for learning and that the lecturer’role would be to guide the application to learning. It was recommended that the use of social media in teaching and learning in colleges of education be encouraged and adequately monitored to avoid abuse.