Service Learning in Early Childhood Education: In the Class of Curriculum Design and Practice.


Qualitative and quantitative research was conducted with undergraduate students majoring in early childhood care and education to explore the impact of service-learning on personal and professional development, as well as to assess satisfaction with the service-learning project. The data were gathered at a baby care center, where these students arranged games, through a questionnaire given to the students (N=37), a questionnaire given to parents who came with their children to the center (N=34), as well as reflection paper and report by the students on how they felt about the activity. The qualitative data were analyzed from five different aspects: (1). Enhancing students’ academic knowledge and skills, (2). Learning public service from the activity, (3). Cooperation and teamwork, (4) Benefits for children, (5) Suggestions of students afterwards. The findings of this research demonstrated that this service learning experience was beneficial for children, parents and the students, enhancing students’ academic knowledge, problem solving skills, as well as interpersonal development.