A School at Isolo is in need of Teachers.

A growing school along Ire-Akari Road, Isolo, calls for application from qualified teachers in the following areas:

  1. Economics, Civic education (junior) and Social studies
  2. Home economics, CRS (junior) and Civic education (senior)
  3. Agricultural science (junior and senior) and Geography
  4. English studies (junior), Government and CRS (senior)

Please note that the school cannot afford to employ a teacher for each subject at the moment, hence, a teacher will have to teach 3 subjects that are related. In addition, we try as much as possible to make the periods not to exceed 25 in a week and payments are always prompt.

Interested persons, living within Isolo, Ire-Akari, Okota and Ago, should keep in touch with me on my WhatsApp line (08095090892) via chats.