WAEC standard for Answering Construction.

(a)  Using ruler and a pair of compasses only, construct a: (i)  trapeziumWXYZ such that |WXI= 8 cm, |XY| = 5.5 cm,|XZ| = 8.3 cm, IWXY = 60 ° and WX/ZY;
 (ii)  rectangle PQYZ where P and Q are on WX.
(b) Measure:
(i)    |QX|; (ii)  IXWZI.

According to WAEC standard the above construction should be answered as stated below.

The Chief Examiner reported that this question was a very unpopular question as it was avoided by majority of the candidates.

However, the report described the
performance of those who attempted it as good but not impressive.  

Candidates were expected to draw a straight line and mark a point,W, on the line.

Thereafter, they would locate point X by marking the point on the line which is 8 cm from W. At point X, they would construct angle 60o.

They would then locate point Y such that |XY| = 5.5 cm. Candidates would then construct a line parallel to  WX.

They would then locate point Z on this line such that |XZ| = 8.3 cm and then draw the trapezium.

To construct a rectangle PQYZ, candidates were expected to construct perpendiculars from Y and Z respectively to intersect the line WX at points P and Q.

PQYZ would now be the required rectangle. The length QX was measured as 2.8 cm (± 0.1 cm) while ÐXWZ was 76° (± 0.1 °)