WAEC Standard for answering Mensuration

QFind the equation of the line passing through the points (2, 5) and (-4, -7).

Three ships P, Q and R are at sea. The bearing of Q from P is  and the bearing of P from R is . If |PQ| = 5 km and |PR| = 8 km,

illustrate the information in a diagram.

calculate, correct to three significant figures, the:

distance between Q and R;

bearing of R from Q.



The lengths of two ladders, L and M are 10m and 12m respectively. They are placed against a wall such that each ladder makes the same angle with the horizontal ground. If the foot of L is 8m from the foot of the wall,

(i) Draw a diagram to illustrate this information;

(ii) Calculate the height at which M touches the wall.