How to Write Chapter Two Literature Review in Research Project.

Chapter II(Literature Review)

Literature Review reflects the recent and most relevant study which evolves around your variable. The purpose of the study is use so as to guide literature review. It discusses other study doe in that research.

Major Purpose of a Review of Literature to a Researcher.

  • It brings clarity and focus to your research problcon
  • It helps to broading your knowledge base on your research areas
  • To improve your methodology.
  • Without a literature review the researcher is unarmed.

Characteristics of Literature Review

  • It is time consuming.
  • It is rigorous.
  • It is difficult.

Types/Elements  of Literature Review

Content Review: it shows the developing body of knowledge what others have done in that research.

Historical Review: how an idea has evolved over time you trace it to its origin and to the present.

Methodology Review: how the methods revolve why was this use and dTheoretical

Theoretical Review: theoretical framework, it is looking at the theory that will impact your study.

Interrogative Review: is going to present the current state of knowledge in and puts together research work in a fast growing area of knowledge.

Self study: it helps you to establish your familiarity in the body of knowledge and boost your confidence. Is what you do to establish that there is a problem.

Conceptual framework: shows the relationship and inter relationship between a variables. It is better to diagrammatically show it.

Major sources of  Literature Review:

The internet