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WAEC Standard for Answering Chemistry Practical (Titration).

  A is a solution of potassium tetraoxomanganate (VII). B is a solution of iron(II)chloride containing 4.80 g of the salt in 250 cm3 of solution. Put A into the burette. Pipette 20.0 cm3 or 25.0 cm3 of B into a conical flask, add 20.0 cm3 of H2SO4 (aq) and titrate with A. Repeat the

WAEC Standard for Answering Solubility.

(i) Define the term solubility. (ii) If 1.11g of calcium chloride (CaCl2) were dissolved in 20.0g of distilled water at 20oC, calculate the solubility of the salt in moldm-3. [Ca 40.0, Cl 35.5]. (i) Solubility of a solute in a solvent at a particular temperature is the maximum amount of the solute in moles or

WAEC Standard for Answering Organic Chemistry

State two advantages of synthetic polymers over natural polymers. The expected answers include: – cheaper– more durable– can be recycled– easily moulded– lighter– can be made on demand / tailor made– easily available– can be produced in larger quantity– can be formed fasterDraw the structure of the product formed when one mole of ethyne reacts

WAEC Standard for Answering Balance of Payment.

The table below shows the composition of exports and imports of a hypothetical country.             Use the information in the table to answer the questions that follow. Exports Amount $ Imports Amount $ Crude oil 120,000,000 Rice and flour 140,000,000 Groundnuts 40,000,000 Petroleum product 80,000,000 Tourism 45,000,000 Vehicles and accessories 50,000,000 Shipping & Insurance 60,000,000

The Official 2019 WAEC Timetable is finally out.

WEST AFRICAN SENIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION FOR SCHOOL CANDIDATES, 2019 FINAL INTERNATIONAL TIMETABLE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          DATE PAPER CODE SUBJECT PAPER DURATION TIME   Monday, 8th April, 2019 to Thursday, 18th April, 2019   (1st and 2nd  Project Options) SC7073   SC7083 SC7103 SC7113 SC7123 SC7133 SC7143 SC7153 Basketry 3 (Project Work)* Ceramics 3 (Project Work)* Graphic Design

WAEC Standard for answering Informal Letter.

For instance if you are to answer the question below: Your father has just built a house for the family. Write a letter to your elder brother who lives abroad, describing the new house and the prestige it has accorded the family. Looking at the question the focus is ” the new house” and ”

WAEC standard for Answering Shapes and Angles.

(a) In the diagram, PQST is a parallelogram, PR is a straight line,│TS│ = 8 cm, │SM│= 6 cm and area of triangle PSR = 36 cm².Find the value of │QR│. (b)   A tree and a flagpole are on the same horizontal ground.  A bird on top of the tree     observes the top and

WAEC standard for Answering Construction.

(a)  Using ruler and a pair of compasses only, construct a: (i)  trapeziumWXYZ such that |WXI= 8 cm, |XY| = 5.5 cm,|XZ| = 8.3 cm, IWXY = 60 ° and WX/ZY; (ii)  rectangle PQYZ where P and Q are on WX.(b) Measure:(i)    |QX|; (ii)  IXWZI. According to WAEC standard the above construction should be answered as